Adsorption Analyzers - قياس حجم المسام و مساحه السطح


Type : NOVAtouch

  • Measurement types: B.E.T., STSA, adsorption isotherm, desorption isotherm
  • Surface area range: 0.01 m2/ g to no known upper limit
  • Pore size range: 0.35 to 500 nm (3.5 to 5000 Å)
  • Analysis stations: 2 or 4

Type : Autosorb iQ

  • Full Chemisorption and Physisorption Capabilities
  • Ultimate vacuum, degas (MP/XR): 5x10-10 mbar
  • High End Micropore Analyzer

Technical Specifications

Pressure transducers:   0.1 torr + 10 torr + 1000 torr

Pressure accuracy

0.1 torr, 1 torr

<±0.15 % of reading

10 torr

<±0.12 % of reading

1000 torr

<±0.11 % of full scale

Built-in vacuum system

High-vacuum construction

Metal-to-metal seals in critical measurement zones

Vacuum system (XR/MP)

Turbo-molecular drag pump and dry diaphragm pump

Ultimate vacuum (XR/MP)

5 x 10⁻¹⁰ mbar (5x10⁻⁸ Pa) (3.75 x 10⁻¹⁰ mm Hg)

Vacuum system (AG)

Two-stage rotary oil pump and foreline trap

Ultimate vacuum (AG)

<2.5 x 10⁻³ mm Hg (<3.3 x 10⁻³ mbar)

Physisorption capabilities

Analysis stations

1, 2, or 3

Parameters measured

Pore size distribution, pore volume, surface area


N₂, Ar, Kr, CO₂, O₂, H₂, CH₄, etc.

Chemisorption capabilities

Analysis stations


Parameters measured

Active (metal) area, dispersion, crystallite size

Chemisorbed amount

Combined, reversible (weak), irreversible (strong)

Chemisorption monolayer

Extrapolation, Langmuir, Dissociative Langmuir, Freundlich, Temkin

Catalyst parameters

Active (metal) area, dispersion, crystallite size

Chemisorption enthalpy


Cell stem diameter

6 mm, 12 mm

Chemisorption furnace


Ceramic tube furnace with safety heat shield

Maximum temperature

1100 °C

Temperature accuracy

0.1 % of span

Temperature stability

±1 °C

Ramp rates

1 °C to 50 °C per minute

Maximum temperature

1100 °C

Furnace cooling

Built-in fan

Furnace/lid closure/separation



N₂, Ar, Kr, CO₂, O₂, H₂, NH₃, etc.