Karl fisher Titrators                      اجهزة معايرة بطريقة كارل فيشر

Titration, a common laboratory method of quantitative chemical analysis used to determine the unknown concentration of a known reactant, is today usually performed by a dedicated titrator. Different types of titrators are available depending on the specific analysis required.

Aquamax KF

Model : Aquamax KF

Method type:Colorimetric Karl Fischer Titrator.

Range:1µg - 100mg water


Aquamax KF

Model :Aquamax KF

Method type:Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator.

Range:0.1mg to 100%water

Accuracy:00.2 % for volumes

Aquamax TAN

Model :Aquamax TAN

Method type:Total Acid Number Titrator

Accuracy:00.2 % for volumes